Podcast: Jack Self, Real Review

by Steve Watson in December 2016
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I’ve been speaking about Real Review to anyone who will listen for the last few months, so I’m very pleased that this week I managed to catch up with Jack Self, the man behind our Stack Awards 2016 Launch of the Year.

Based nominally around architecture, Real Review roams far and wide from that starting point in a much broader effort to understand ‘What it means to live today’. I love the way it takes a deliberate step back to understand the often unseen systems and structures that shape our contemporary world, and it was a real pleasure to discover that Jack speaks in the same way he edits, engaging with big ideas and unpicking them to reveal new ways of thinking about architecture, publishing, politics and much more.

This is our last interview episode of 2016 – I’ve been promising for ages now to edit the audio from some of our live events held over the last few months, and I’m going to try to do that next week so we can post some bonus podcasts between Christmas and New Year. Or failing that we’ll be back in January with more interviews with magazine makers – follow us on Soundcloud or iTunes or wherever else you get your podcasts and we’ll deliver the new episodes as soon as they’re ready, and while you’re there check out our archive of previous episodes.

I’ve really enjoyed learning how to make these podcasts over the last few months, and I definitely feel like they’re improving as we go. Thanks very much for listening, and we’ll be back with more next year…

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