Stone, colour, light, flesh

by Kitty Drake in May 2021
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Art & design

Trebuchet is an arts magazine and this ninth issue focuses on materials. The magazine is divided by section, into materials you might recognise (‘Stone’, ‘Chalk’) and more unexpected mediums, like ‘Colour’, ‘Light’, and ‘Blood’. Every section includes a little timeline of key events in the medium’s history. The first entry in the timeline for ‘Colour’, for example, is 1810: “Goethe publishes his Theory of Colours”.

One beautiful series concentrates on the work of Richard Stone, who uses marble to yield marvellous, sensual lightness. The way Stone manipulates marble makes it look like water, or air. Stone is interviewed in the issue, and he describes the strange, human property of sculpture: “Every time my eyes catch one I think ‘okay, yes, you’re saying something today, you’re very present’”.

The lovely thing about this issue is that even as it separates mediums, it shows the way that one bleeds into another: the way stone can become light, or water, or even, flesh.

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