Challenging ableism in Sick magazine

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by Steve Watson in October 2021
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Olivia Spring is founder and editor of Sick, the magazine made by chronically ill and disabled people, and which released its third issue earlier this year. Reading the magazine I was struck by the way we’ve come to think about illness as being quite a simple binary, especially during the pandemic – your covid test is positive or negative, you’re sick or you’re well. But of course the reality is much more complicated than that, especially if you’re somebody who is already living with ill health as part of your everyday reality.

In this conversation Olivia speaks about her own chronic illness, why she decided to start the magazine in the first place, and how she’s using it as a way to challenge some of the ableist prejudices she faces day to day. I’m pleased to say we have copies of issues two and three in the Stack shop at the moment, so if Olivia’s story makes you want to see this magazine for yourself, head over there to see sample spreads and story lists, and to buy a copy.

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