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by Steve Watson in November 2023
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Recorded live on Tuesday 10th October at The Scrandit in Bristol, this podcast episode features four independent publishers speaking about the challenges and opportunities of combining left-wing politics and print. It was organised by Rova, the lovely little bookshop that sits opposite The Scrandit at the top of Bristol’s ridiculously pretty Christmas Steps, and arriving from London it felt like I was dropping into some kind of independent media paradise: an ambitiously progressive community of people trying to find a better, fairer way of living.

The conversation was moderated by Eliz Mizon, strategy lead for The Bristol Cable, and it featured Max Jeffrey, art director of Stir to Action, Erin Mathias, editor of The Paper, and Phil Wrigglesworth, editor and art director of Left Cultures. As you’ll hear, there was a fair degree of difference between them: Stir to Action is a worker cooperative dedicated to inspiring change and advocating for a new economy based on social, environmental, and economic justice, so it’s totally immersed in the left. Whereas The Paper is more generally a lifestyle and culture magazine that mixes some left-wing ideas in amongst its funny Welsh stories. I think it made for a great combination and I found the night really inspiring and thought-provoking, so I hope you’ll enjoy the panel discussion.

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