Makeshift On Air

by Steve Watson in March 2015
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I’m back now from a brilliant three days at QVED, and the first videos from the conference are already up on YouTube. I’ll keep an eye on the channel and once it has a few more to choose from I’ll post a selection of my favourite talks from Munich.

But first, I wanted to share Makeshift On Air, a fantastically ambitious new YouTube channel from the makers at Makeshift magazine. Their videos travel the world, reporting on the tales of hidden creativity that have become the magazine’s stock in trade, like this great report on Mexico’s oldest electric shock vendor.

Or this report on China’s copypainting village.

And they even have animated graphics that retell selected stories from the print magazine, like this one on Costa Rica’s bizarre system of improvised addresses.

The danger when moving into a new medium like video is that the results won’t be as good as the print magazine, but the Makeshift team has clearly spent a lot of time and money on getting these videos right. This is one channel that’s definitely worth a follow.

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