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by Steve Watson in February 2018
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“Build a community around your mission.” That was the advice from Seán Dagan Wood, editor of Positive News magazine, speaking at our panel discussion at The Book Club on Tuesday night this week. He appeared alongside James Cartwright, editor of Weapons of Reason, Rob Orchard, editor of Delayed Gratification, Samira Shackle, editor of New Humanist, and Justinien Tribillon, editor of Migrant Journal, and all of them spoke openly about the challenges and opportunities they face.

As you’d expect, lack of resources was named as a major stumbling block across the board, but it manifested itself in different ways, and it was interesting to hear the various ways these small magazines punch above their weight to reach as broad an audience as possible.

The audio below was recorded live, and it’s well worth listening through to the end for some really insightful questions and answers covering a range of subjects, from distribution, through to getting paid as a journalist and the question of class in independent publishing. And if you’d like to hear more independent magazine makers speaking about the ideas and excitement that drives their titles, check our archives on Soundcloud or iTunes, and follow us while you’re there so we can send next week’s episode straight to you as soon as it’s ready.

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