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by Steve Watson in April 2020
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Kyrill Hartog is editor-in-chief of Are We Europe, the print magazine and digital platform that was launched in 2017 out of the chaos surrounding Brexit. It exists to tell stories about Europe in a non-divisive and constructive way, and since it’s a magazine that was born out of crisis, I wanted to speak with Kyrill to find out what they’re doing in the face of coronavirus, a new type of crisis that is affecting virtually everyone in some way.

This episode marks a departure for the Stack podcast – until now I’ve recorded all our conversations in person, sitting in the same room as the editors, publishers and art directors I’ve spoken to. I think you get a more relaxed and natural result when you’re literally sitting opposite each other, but I’m switching to Skype to record our episodes in isolation, and while I was at home in London, Kyrill was over in Luxembourg. I think the results sound good enough – not quite as good as our normal set up, but hopefully all audible.

We normally release our episodes every Friday afternoon, but at the moment I’m splitting the week with my wife so we can both work and look after the kids, and I’m finding there just isn’t enough time to get everything done, so the podcast has slipped to something more like fortnightly. I’m really keen to keep it going and we’ve got more interviews lined up, but for the next few weeks I’m going to be aiming to get the episodes out just as often as we can, and I hope you’ll enjoy listening at home. Of course there are lots of other episodes waiting to be discovered in the meantime – just head over to our archives on Soundcloud or iTunes, or search for Stack wherever you get your podcasts to hear loads of conversations with independent magazine makers speaking about the work they do.

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