Stack reviews Colors

by Steve Watson in April 2014
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Current affairs

The most remarkable thing about Colors is its lightness of touch.

The fact that it tackles the world’s thorniest and most pressing issues head on is impressive, but the fact that it does so with such confidence and flair is kind of awe inspiring. I think it’s something to do with crediting the reader’s intelligence – they keep the word count low, so rather than spelling things out they present a selection of salient facts and allow the reader to do the rest.

Of course that’s easily said but incredibly difficult to do, and I hope this video manages to communicate a sense of the complexity as well as the simple, easily digested editorial. I normally try to stay as up to date as possible with these videos, but I saw that the new issue had come out (this time themed around migration) and I hadn’t managed to do anything with this one, so I’m hurriedly posting it while there’s still (sort of) time.

Two-Minute Magazines #20: Colors from Steven Watson on Vimeo.


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