Fluffer Everyday is a print antidote to internet porn

by Grace Wang in April 2017
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There’s a new slew of independent porn magazines appealing to those wanting an alternative to daunting, over-explicit internet porn. Odiseo has a philosophical approach, while Math has a progressive focus, and Extra Extra blends erotica with contemporary art and writing.

Joining them is Fluffer Everyday, a new magazine from Greece that, as the name suggests, wants to excite readers through the ordinary. Instead of imagery that dictates what happens, photos in the magazine could be of a local barista or a basketball player — ordinary people that encourage readers to be imaginative, creating their own storylines and fantasies. We talk to founder Sotiris Trechas to find out more.


Hi Sotiris! Tell us about Fluffer Everyday.
Hello Grace! I am glad you are interested in this project! Fluffer Everyday is magazine presenting fantasies becoming obsessions and everyday stuff that get you hard 😛 — everyday people in everyday moments, proving that everything and everyone can be sexy. We will drop a new issue three times per year.

Why did you want to make this magazine?
I always wanted to do something x-rated, and I remember vividly how enthusiastic I got when I heard the word ‘fluffer’ for the first time. I became obsessed with it. I searched and searched online about it. For those who do not know, a fluffer is someone working in the porn industry, with the sole purpose of getting the actors ready for action. Some even called it ‘a makeup department role in pornography’. Isn’t that hilarious?! The American title started its career back in the 60s, and over the years, it got its way inside everyday life and English slang, spreading its meaning even to include workers cleaning the train tunnels during the night.


What’s a fluffer for you?
For me, a fluffer is someone that makes your heart beat faster, arouses you in a way to make your work, your day, or even your life easier and more bearable. The guy that makes your coffee everyday in the coffee shop, your dentist, the super hot ginger you walk by on the street. Everyone could be your fluffer. And everyday you could have a different one! So that’s how Fluffer Everyday was born.

Fluffer Everyday has a blog too — how does it inform the print magazine?
The blog is updated daily with photos, videos and text stories submitted by our audience. Unlike online, every issue of the magazine will work around a specific ‘fluffer theme’. For example, the first issue was all about presenting the idea of everyday people being your fluffers, people you come across accidentally in everyday life. The second issue will be about cruising. The blog has a very important role in the creation of the magazine, as all the interaction I have with the audience is very important for deciding what to do with print.


Instead of explicit imagery, it seems like the magazine wants to offer inspiration for readers to conjure up their own narratives, creating a more emotional response rather than physical. Is this true?
Yes it is. I believe in imagination. I think that porn as we know it is very shallow and not inspiring at all. The industry offers everything, all laid out and ready. Nowadays, people do not have time to explore their fantasies and experiment.


Fluffer Everyday is all about getting inspiration from each other so we can enjoy sex mentally and physically to the fullest. That’s why we ask the audience to submit their stuff, so the rest of the community can ask themselves, ‘Why does she like that?’ or ‘Why did he submit that?’. If you just post a wonderful, huge, thick cock or an ultra-magnificent pair of boobs, the reader will just scroll down to see the next predictable photo. And that’s why I will never use models in the magazine, only everyday people.


I once heard a female comic say that she has to believe in her fantasy for it to work, i.e., it has to be a subject with a personality, face, backstory, instead of just a nameless body part. What do you think about that?
I feel her. Fluffer Everyday is like studying sociology for me. I analyse all the stuff that arrives everyday at my inbox. All these stories I’ve read have changed the way I think. For example, a girl once told me that her favourite fluffer is the guy that is doing the body check at the airports, so half the excitement of going on a trip is going through the body check. That was something that I would have never thought of before. So every time I am flying somewhere, during security, I’m paying attention to all the guards and trying to imagine if she would enjoy the procedure with every single one of them, and why.

What has been the most difficult thing about starting this project?
“Mum I want to make a porn magazine.”

And what has been the most rewarding thing?
“You should do it babe, it sounds sexy.”

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