Marginalised bodies, voices and identities in erotic magazine Leste

by Grace Wang in August 2018
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We’ve come a long way from inspirational memes. These days, Instagrammers broadcasting empowering messages can range from social justice activists to body positivity advocates; it could be a teen documenting their transition, helping a few hundred followers feel less alone, or a phenomenal black lady spouting wisdom and educating thousands on race and feminism. Despite its flaws, Instagram has become a platform for marginalised voices to find their comrade in arms.

Leste magazine is a journal of new erotica, and it flows from this spectrum of identities we see online. Community driven and utterly non-judgemental, it shares stories to do with sex, love, and intimacy, while prioritising the voices of those who are often left out.

Between pages of inventive x-rated photography and collages, there are incredibly intimate first person narratives — some can be violent, addressing trauma with the intent of absolution, or more likely, temporary alleviation. Others are more irreverent and weird, with sensuous descriptions that seem to physically move through you. Take a guided flick through with our video review above.

Like its print embodiment, Leste’s Instagram account keeps a steady stream of takeovers from bold, intelligent individuals, who battle everything from fatphobia to sexual discrimination. Give them a follow, and support their movement by ordering your copy.

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