The Pitchfork Review – reviewed

by Steve Watson in January 2014
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There’s a new kid on the print vs digital block, and it’s taking sides.

The Pitchfork Review is the first piece of print created by the music site, and it’s a superb example of the things print does well. It looks and feels great; it’s packed with long articles that make you want to put your feet up and take your time; and it’s littered with the sort of design flourishes that reveal something new every time you go back.

They’ve clearly thought long and hard about why they’d want to make a print magazine at all, and I hope the video shows that the thinking has more than paid off.

As ever, you’ll need to excuse my repetitions and mumbles while my brain tries to cope with speaking and moving my hands at the same time, but stick with it – I can’t recommend The Pitchfork Review highly enough.

Two-Minute Magazines #9: The Pitchfork Review from Steven Watson on Vimeo.

The Pitchfork Review

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