“Aren’t we all brothers and sisters of God?”

by Kitty Drake in July 2021
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The first physical publication from online fashion magazine Indie, this thick, pink, hard-backed magazine contains so many stunning spreads it is difficult to decide on a favourite. One contender is a bum pic by Pierpaolo Ferrari and Maurizio Cattelan, the photographer-artist duo behind Toiletpaper. You see a bottom, with two smiling faces on it. One cheek is winking at you. 

The faces in question belong to Giulia and Camilla Venturini, the twin sisters behind bag brand Medea. The Venturini sisters are interviewed in the accompanying feature, and they share many pearls of wisdom (Q: What would God be like if he had a twin? A: Aren’t we all brothers and sisters of God?).

But in Indie, as with most fashion magazines, the photos are generally more seductive than the text. Another fabulous feature, by the Paris-based Thai artist behind PZ Today stages phobias as a kind of “exposure therapy”. The healing methodology seems to be: take a phobia and make it sexy. Ailurophobia (fear of cats), for example, is illustrated by a woman wearing only a 10 denier body stocking and a tail.


What I love most about Indie’s aesthetic is it has a sense of humour. One feature, entitled ‘Nip, Tuck & Turn Back Time’ is divided into sections: ‘Buttock’, ‘Lifting’, ‘Collagen’, ‘Silicone’. Another is designed like a series of postcards, from Montecarlo, Moscow, New York and London, a kind of fantasy post-lockdown travel scrapbook. Opening up this magazine feels like a holiday in itself.



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