An illustrated guide to terrible Trip Advisor reviews

by Kitty Drake in May 2019
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Trip Advisor brings out everything that is most troll-like in the human spirit. A perfect (and crucially anonymous) outlet for spite and grandiloquent wound-licking, just the thought of writing a review makes the fingers itch with righteous anger. Having spent eight years working in the hospitality industry, illustrator Ian Moore is intimately acquainted with our troll-essence. With this zine, ‘An Illustrated Guide To Bad Trip Advisor Reviews’, he exploits its artistic potential. One and two star reviews are accompanied by wonderful, cartoon-like depictions of outraged customers: they loom enormously over tiny staff members, fists clenched, cross-eyed with rage.

All very funny and occasionally a bit frightening, Ian let us reprint three of our favourites below (with the original spelling).


Ate a mouthful and literally spat it out. It tasted so disgusting my bodies natural reaction was don’t eat this because it may harm you! No kidding! It tasted like how i would imagine caustic chemicals to taste. I was in shock. What a waste of money. It wasn’t me being fussy because i eat the majority of foods and i like spicy. It was just an awful flavour combination and i am not sure if they accidentally put bleach in it or something because even then small amount i ate made me feel crampy in my stomach.

A Sorry Afair 

As someone with anaemia, it is crucial for me to eat meat daily. The Canteen staff were not to know this; but I do not think it unreasonable for me to have assumed that at the early hour of 7:30pm a meat option would have been available at a non-vegetarian dinner venue. Since half of my table had ordered and paid, I did not feel I had any choice but to order the stew and accept what I was served. Without my daily ration of meat inside me, I was forced when I finally returned home to eat a whole quail that I had been storing in a friend’s fridge for the forthcoming visit of my Great Aunt Edith, from whom I am hoping to acquire a sizeable inheritance. I consequently had to procure another quail at the local market at great inconvenience.


Surreal evening

The staff seemed to be more concerned with spraying everything with lemon cleaner, petting customers dogs (and not washing hands afterwards) than serving any food. Very disappointing and utterly bonkers.

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