From Sexy Cake to Humble Pie

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by Steve Watson in September 2023
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When I decided to bring the Stack podcast back this autumn, I knew that I wanted to make more of the things we’re already doing. For example, every month we have a Stack Magazine Club meeting, in which our subscribers and the members of our Discord server get the chance to join a Zoom conversation with the editors, designers, or publishers of the last magazine we delivered. I think it’s a lovely way to get a fuller understanding of what these magazines are all about, and it’s great to hear from the magazine makers directly.

So this week’s episode of the Stack podcast is taken from a recording we made at the end of August, speaking with Aliza Abarbanel and Tanya Bush from Cake Zine, the New York-based literary food magazine that we delivered to our subscribers in July. You can see videos from all our Magazine Club meetings on our blog, and this Cake Zine conversation is already up there, but I hope that releasing it via the podcast is going to mean it reaches people who hadn’t previously come across it. And of course if you like the sound of it but you haven’t seen a copy yet, head over to the Stack shop to pick one up.

If you like this episode, please follow us wherever you get your podcasts and we’ll be able to deliver them to you as soon as they’re ready. And of course, if you have any feedback or suggestions you’d like to make about the Stack podcast, please drop me a line – I’d love to hear your thoughts about what we’re doing!


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