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Jacob Barnes is the editor-in-chief of Soft Punk, a new literary and arts magazine that’s working hard to tell stories you won’t come across elsewhere. He and most of the team are navigating the move from university into work, and to hear him tell it, it seems like almost an accident that they’ve found themselves creating this magazine as a way of showcasing the sort of stories they love.

But there’s also something much more deliberate and ambitious going on; they’re committing themselves to a demanding quarterly publishing schedule, and engaging with the sort of serious work that can make a lasting impression on readers – at least it did for me. I really enjoyed Soft Punk when I picked it up and I loved speaking to Jacob, so I hope you’ll enjoy this episode of the podcast.

We have copies of Soft Punk in the Stack shop, so head over there to see spreads and more information, and of course to buy a copy for yourself, and watch out for issue two appearing in the line up as soon as we can get hold of copies…

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