Print Isn’t Dead issue 4
Delivered to Stack subscribers in  Feb 2016

by Lucy Corkish in February 2016
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Celebrating all forms of printmaking, Print Isn’t Dead by the London-based creative community People of Print is a must-read magazine for any print fanatic.

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Marcroy Smith

Job title
Director / Editor

What is Print Isn’t Dead?
Print Isn’t Dead is a reaction and response to the phrase “print isn’t dead” which I believe the earliest recorded use of the phrase was by Egon Spengler in Ghostbusters (1984).

The essence of our magazine is to showcase the vast and varied uses of print. It is all around us. We like to showcase unusual methods of printing and the ways that traditional methods of print are still used today in contemporary art and design practises.

What makes it different to the rest?
Our magazine is designed differently for each issue, we use different typefaces from independent type foundries, which means the baseline grid has to be adjusted each time. We also print using different spot colours. We also like to introduce something special each time, for instance a limited run of screen printed covers or a variable data over printing white ink onto black paper.

In terms of content, I’m not sure there is really another printed magazine that talks about creative and industrious uses of print.

Who makes Print Isn’t Dead?
The magazine is put together by our close-knit team who are based in Hackney, London, however the magazine is the product of everyone that we feature and has been greatly supported by Pureprint Group, Fedrigoni and Hewlett Packard. Print Isn’t Dead would not exist if it wasn’t for each and everyone’s input and that includes all of the people who purchase copies of our magazine, they are keeping print alive for us.

Who reads it?
We have a really varied readership, but if I were to categorise, it would have to be the graphic design, illustration, printmaking and general print community. Oh and of course general magazine lovers.

Why do you work in magazines?
Since I started People of Print as a website in 2008, I ahve always wanted to physically publish the content in the form of a book, magazine or another format. In 2014 we accomplished all of those goals: we released a 336 page hardback book with Thames & Hudson, self published Print Isn’t Dead and released Posterzine, an A1 poster that is also a magazine.

Aside from the print magazine, what are you involved in?
The Mafia.

What would you change about Print Isn’t Dead if you could?
It’s hard to say what I would change about the magazine because it changes with every issue and we are always making adjustments. The main things that need development are our circulation, distribution and all of the logistical things about running a magazine, but I’m guessing that just comes with time – I’m in no rush, slow and steady wins the race.

Where do you see Print Isn’t Dead in five years?
I hope that Print Isn’t Dead magazine is seen as a respectable and trustworthy source of information, research with quality editorial and design-orientated content. We are working on creating some incredible partnerships which will allow us to develop all areas of the magazine in terms on content, production and logistics. Basically I would be happy if the magazine finds itself a stable foothold in the publishing world without any hiccups and is still alive in five years time. That would be a great accomplishment.

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