Scenario issue 02:2018
Delivered to Stack subscribers in  Mar 2018

by Grace Wang in March 2018
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Scenario is the future-facing magazine published by The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. Drawing upon the organisation’s big brains, it presents an accessible and entertaining look at where the world might be heading tomorrow, and what that means for the way we live today.

Read on for our interview with editor-in-chief, Morten Grønborg…

Morten Grønborg

Job title

What is Scenario?
A magazine about trends, ideas, visions and possible futures, published by The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS).

What makes it different to the rest?
No other magazine offers a 360 degree, non-biased and independent view on the future.

Who makes Scenario?
Scenario is made by an in-house editorial core team with contributions from both CIFS futurists and external thinkers, researchers, and business professionals. The core team consist of Art Director Sara Frostig, Editorial Manager Casper S. Petersen, Science & Technology Editor Klaus Æ. Mogensen, and myself.

Who reads it?
Scenario is for progressive, future-oriented people, decision makers, and people with an interest in current trends and ideas that will shape our society in the future.

Why do you work in magazines?
I love making an analogue product in a digital age, I love the tactility, and I love journalism, graphic design, and photography.

Aside from the print magazine, what are you involved in?
Scenario Magazine is a part of The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. We’re an independent and not-for-profit research organization, helping organizations, businesses, and governments understand their future. My role in the organization is to conceptualize and organize our content production and its mediation through our different channels.

What would you change about Scenario if you could?
Everything must evolve over time, and Scenario will do so, too. But as for now, I’m quite happy with our product. Being able to inform our readers about the future, so they can make the best choices and decisions in the present, is a great privilege.

Where do you see Scenario in five years?
Futurists never give one answer to questions like that, and we never work with only one scenario for the future. I see many directions for our magazine, especially because we’re sailing in a blue ocean with not many competitors – yet. But most likely, we’ll expand to other media areas than magazine production. Until now, we have insisted on being (just) a print magazine, but the time is ready to enter new areas soon.

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