Where the Leaves Fall 7
Delivered to Stack subscribers in  Oct 2021

by Heval Okcuoglu in November 2021
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Clear-eyed and critical, agitating for change while led by a philosophy that allows hope to endure, environmental magazine Where the Leaves Fall makes for timely reading in the context of COP26. This issue explores the stories we tell ourselves in the face of the climate emergency, featuring photographs of extreme weather events and practical advice from activists, alongside longer-form pieces. One highpoint is an essay by Ailton Krenak, a member of the Krenak tribe in the Doce River valley in Brazil, who speaks passionately about the cynical pollution and destruction of the river he loves.

David Reeve

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What is Where the Leaves Fall?
Where the Leaves Fall is a quarterly magazine exploring humankind’s connection with nature through the intersection between social justice and the environment, art, science, culture, philosophy, and food. The mag is developed with OmVed Gardens, a garden, exhibition space, and food project in Highgate, London.

What makes it different from the rest?
As editors, myself and Luciane Pisani come from the global north and south — “the coloniser and the colonised” — and that intersection itself opens up all kinds of conversations. Another thing that makes us stand out is the way we print. We know that traditional printing is harmful; not only to the environment but also to us (when you open the pages of any book or mag and can smell the print that’s not a good thing). We can’t reasonably discuss nature, climate and other environmental stories while printing in a damaging way. So we work with Seacourt, a printer that has spent the last few decades reinventing the printing wheel; they use no alcohol, VOCs, water, and cause zero waste to landfill.

Who makes Where the Leaves Fall?
The magazine is edited by a small team based in London but the contributions come from all over the world.

Who reads it?
People interested in nature, the environment, food, culture, social justice, and how we position ourselves within the world.

Why do you work in magazines?
We just love the format, and print especially is a sane step away from the onslaught of the digital world.

Aside from the print magazine, what else are you involved in?
We’re always dipping our toes in film, and are learning more about growing veg, seed saving, and fermentation.

What would you change about Where the Leaves Fall if you could?
We’d love to have more people in the team to fulfil the full potential of the magazine and how we engage.

Where do you see Where the Leaves Fall in five years?
A place for naturalists, environmentalists, foodies, and anyone interested in our relationship with nature to connect; both within and beyond the pages of the magazine.

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