Jeff Mills explores the future of sound in Borshch

by Steve Watson in September 2018
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Guest edited by techno DJ Jeff Mills, Borshch magazine uses dance music as a jumping off point to discuss much broader ideas around technology, the future, and the consumption of mainstream culture. There’s a long interview with Jeff, in which he repeats his belief that dance music should be able to transcend the dance floor and take a much more influential position in more people’s lives, and this magazine is his exploration of that potential.

He’s keen to point readers towards the edges in search of the most interesting ideas and artists that deserve more attention, and I love the way the design of the magazine echoes that, with trim sizes and layouts that lead the eye literally to the edge of the page. It’s a really exciting piece of publishing coming out of Berlin, and well worth a read even if you’ve never set foot on a dance floor in your life.

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