Magazine Club: Hinterlands

by Steve Watson in March 2023
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Published in Berlin, printed in Lithuania, and featuring stories from all around Europe, I’ve always assumed that Hinterlands is intended as a celebration of the European project. But when editor Maike Suhr spoke to Stack subscribers for this month’s Magazine Club, she revealed that in fact she and the rest of the team would love to expand their reach and tell stories from countrysides all around the world.

The strapline of the magazine is ‘rural realities’, and the plural is important – contributions are collected through an open call, and the team works to incorporate as many different perspectives as possible, all of them reflecting on the realities of rural life, rather than romantic cliches of green rolling hills. It’s a clever concept, taking what Maike calls, “the trans-national perspective” and applying it to small villages and rural areas to show the similarities that can exist between such relatively remote places.

But if that makes it all sound very rational and reasoned, there’s also the colour theme, in which each issue begins with a different colour, as a way of helping to determine which stories will be told. It’s a wonderfully ambitious little magazine, and if you haven’t already seen it that means you’re probably not a Stack subscriber, so sign up and let us start sending you a surprise independent magazine every month. And of course that will also mean you’re invited to our next Magazine Club meeting…


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