“I often think that humans do not deserve dogs”

by Kitty Drake in October 2021
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Dog + Human is a magazine about dogs and dog-lovers. Editor Ilaria Pauletti has chosen to begin with a quote by the Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk, “Dogs do speak but only to those who know how to listen”. On the pages that follow, dog owners and dog photographers are interviewed about how their lives are enriched by their pets. Each interview is titled with the name of the pet and the owner (eg. tilda + chiara, solomon + rebecca etc.), which reminds me a bit of a wedding invitation, and the shots of the dogs themselves are softly lit and romantic.

If you are not already completely obsessed with dogs, the amount of genuine love professed by the owners in this magazine can feel a little overwhelming. One photographer, for example, describes her search for the perfect dog-angle: “I’m always looking for … the crossed legs, the slender shape of a greyhound, a ray of sunshine that tastes like sunset or summer breakfast”. Elsewhere, black-and-white photographs are accompanied by emotional quotes about animal love (“I often think that humans do not deserve dogs”). 

That said, the photos in here really are delicious. Looking at dogs, even if you’re not that into dogs, makes you feel discernibly happier. If you’re in need of a lift, scroll down.



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