Insider: Pet People magazine

by Grace Wang in December 2016
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I’m always marvelling at photography that pointedly depicts emotions expressed on faces. Sometimes the shutter closes on the twirl of a smile, others, it’s the lovely, aged creases in a frown. In Pet People magazine, it’s in the flick of an ear and the faint wag of a tail.

A Swedish magazine that celebrates the love stories of people and their pets, it’s filled with the type of image-making that captures movement, feelings and the deep, soulful bond people have with their animals. We asked founders Hilda Grahnat and Linnea Paulsson to talk us through the making of the issue…


In the making of this issue we…

Explored: Pet life in Stockholm, Sweden.

Ate: Fancy fika every day of shooting.


Sacrificed: Time going back and forth on the T-bana (Stockholm subway).

Were amazed by: The love expressed on the headstones of beloved cats, dogs and horses at the oldest pet cemetery in Sweden.


Met: Even more lovely people who confirmed that pet people really are the best people.

Couldn’t stop laughing at: The moments when the pets showed us we really can’t force an idea, it always has to be on their terms.


Learned to: Trust our intuition, even when it’s easy to get stressed out about situations not going as planned.

Were excited about: The fact that our work method now feels more like a smooth sailing ship than an experiment.


Used: Google Drive, email and Facebook chat to communicate, sometimes all at once.

Got sidetracked by: Linnea’s baby Bosse whenever he was awake and being his cute self during shoots.

And everyone should buy a copy because… Cute pets (real and in magazine form) are the purrfect thing to get you through the cold winter season. And any other season really.

pet-people-magazine-poodle pet-people-magazine-cocker-spaniel

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