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  • 188 pages 
  • 24cm x 19cm 
  • Published in Berkeley, CA, 2019 

Anxy is a beautifully designed magazine about hidden inner worlds, personal struggles, and fears. Each issue builds an original, insightful, and creative perspective on a central theme through captivating and meticulously-crafted storytelling.


This issue asks what it means to be masculine: “How does masculinity influence our sense of self and the culture around us?” Anxy explores the spectrum of masculinity through intimate essays, reported features, insightful interviews, gorgeous photography and more.


Anxy is also available as part of our Masculinities collection


In this issue:


  • Terry Crews Wants To Know What You Are Going To Do: “If you only hear one story, you stay with one perspective. If you control the narrative, you control the people.”
  • Q&A with Karamo Brown: “If you ask somebody how they’re doing and their answer is ‘fine,’ there’s something deeper there.”
  • Josh Schollmeyer on eating your feelings, with illustrations by Jee ook Choi
  • Scary Times for Men: Katie MacBride considers how disappointment and dismissal leads to resistance and anger
  • Long-form by Elisabeth Sherman on chef culture: “For women, cooking was a duty. Men often saw it as a hobby, a sport, another realm to conquer.”
  • Rage, Rinse, Repeat: Stacy Kranitz on culture and experimentation


Buy Anxy issue 3, “The Boundaries Issue”, here

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