Extremely Online

Limbo + Hatch, which describes itself as a “London-based trend and talent incubator”, has made a magazine about the interplay between our physical selves and the selves we inhabit online. This subject has been so exhaustively scrutinised lately — with the release of Patricia Lockwood’s ‘No One Is Talking About This’, and Lauren Oyler’s ‘Fake Accounts’ — that reading a magazine about it can feel timely, or like overkill, depending on how fascinated you are by the subject.

The internet, and the way it can distort your identity, has also been covered in magazines. Most notably by Dazed Beauty, Issue Zero of which gave us monstrous cyborgs, Kate Moss and Travis Scott as centaurs, and Kylie Jenner’s face melting into a nasty silver puddle. The imagery in Limbo + Hatch echoes Dazed Beauty; in one feature we see nails, computerised to look like pools of blood.

The features in here are interesting — in one, artist MengXuan Sun explains how she makes worlds and then pushes her avatar into them. Content in here is uneven, but if you’re interested in the ways the internet can at once dislocate us from, and allow us to recover, our sense of self, Limbo + Hatch is for you.


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