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by Steve Watson in October 2023
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We need your help. We’ve been delivering our surprise independent magazines every month since January 2009, and I’m pleased to say that almost 15 years later we’re still going strong: We’re still inundated with beautiful publications, and our subscribers still love receiving them every month.

But we have a problem, because for most of the last 15 years, social media has played an important part in helping us to reach new readers, and these days, for various reasons… it doesn’t. I wrote a blog post back in March this year about my growing disillusionment with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and why, as a result, we were setting up our Stack Discord server. I hoped then that Discord would provide us with a different way of speaking with independent magazine fans, and it definitely has – the conversation there feels more relaxed and more friendly, with nobody trying to game an algorithm or court controversy. (It’s really lovely – come join us!)

The trouble is that Discord isn’t really designed for reaching out to new audiences, so it doesn’t help us with putting Stack in front of people who haven’t seen it before. And that’s where I’m hoping you could help. If you like what we do, please consider telling somebody about us. If you really like what we do, you might want to encourage somebody to subscribe, and we’ve come up with a special double-discount offer, so if they do subscribe they’ll save 10% on our normal prices, and you’ll receive a free magazine. But this definitely doesn’t have to be about spending money – it would be a massive help if you could just tell people what we do and why you like us.

We’ve always worked hard to give Stack a genuine sense of community – we’re an odd little independent magazine club, and I love the fact that people all around the world identify with that and want to be part of it. I’m hoping that by taking this very direct approach and appealing directly to people like you, we can benefit from all the great support we already have, and build on it to welcome even more people into the fold.

Now it would be weird for you to just run out into the street and start shouting about an independent magazine club, so I’ve outlined a few different scenarios below that might feel a bit more natural. Of course you could do these things any time, but we’re trying to have a concerted push over the coming month so that people at least hear about us before Christmas comes along and becomes the only thing that anyone can think of. As such, our double-discount offer will run until Friday 8th December, so if you want to take advantage of that one, make sure you share the sign-up page before the deadline hits.

Five ways you can help us this month

1. Tell somebody about us
Do you listen to our podcast? Or lurk in our Discord? Or do you receive a magazine from us every month? Whatever bits of Stack you like, please tell somebody!

2. Sign up to our newsletter
We send our email newsletter on the last Thursday of every month, with the latest independent magazine reviews, interviews, and offers. Sign up (or tell somebody else to) and we’ll add you (or them) to the list.

3. Persuade somebody to subscribe
This is the big one – tell them to use our double-discount offer page and they’ll save 10% off our normal prices, and you’ll receive a free magazine. Offer ends on Friday 8th December.

4. Buy Stack for somebody
Stack makes a great gift, and Christmas is just around the corner. And of course you *could* use that double-discount offer and name yourself as the person who receives the free magazine.

5. Get your boss to buy Stack for everyone
This happens every now and then, and it’s awesome. A Stack subscription is a great way to stay inspired and it makes for a lovely office treat or a gift to clients. Your boss will think you’re amazing for coming up with such an innovative idea, and we’ll throw in some extra magazines to say thanks. Just email us for more on that.

Thanks very much for reading all the way down to the end of this post, and thanks for doing whatever you feel you can do to help. It’s massively appreciated!

Recommend Stack and get a free magazine (Offer ends Friday 8th December)

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