Stack at home – October 2015

by Stine Fantoft Berg in October 2015
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This month we sent out New York-based Put A Egg On It – a “tasty zine” for the unpretentious foodie who knows how to appreciate the messiness and fun that comes with eating together.

As always, our subscribers took to Twitter and Instagram to share pictures of their magazines, and we’ve collected them all in a Pinterest board. The following is a selection of our five favourites, including seven eggs, one birthday present and a funny-looking cat…

5. Gifted greatness
Happy birthday, Corinna – this Frank sounds like a keeper! Also picturing the postcard sent out in collaboration with Mubi – this month featuring the London-based illustrator Rob Flowers.

@franksloan you’re the best! A wonderful birthday present

A photo posted by Corinna Parker (@corinnacorinnaa) on

4. Our latest offering
No, not the cat, the magazine by the right edge there. Thanks Holly, for providing the only animal of this month’s Pinterest board – because, as we know, every self-respecting list should include a funny-looking cat.

Here’s my @stackmagazines delivery, more cat that magazine but hey ho A photo posted by Holly Catford (@hcatford) on

3. Only one thing missing
Anne Marie knowns how to spend her morning – I’m sure Put A Egg On It would approve. Though that plate looks delicious, I can’t help but to ask; where’s the egg?

Eating delicious breakfast food while reading stories of other people obsessed with food thanks @stackmagazines and @putaeggonit #indiemags #qualityreads A photo posted by AnneMarie (@lavandelovelylocks) on

2. #doasyouretold
Maybe not surprisingly, this month we’ve had more than one subscriber embracing the title of the tasty zine by actually putting an egg on it. Great photo, Emilia!

Alrighty! #doasyouretold #putaeggonit #tastyzine #magazineofthemonth #happyreading #great #layout #design #vscocam @putaeggonit @stackmagazines

A photo posted by Riikka (@emilia_riikka) on

1. Topping it off

I had a hard time deciding which photo should be ranked number one. I’m sorry Emilia, but seeing that Polly actually put an egg on top of the magazine, she’ll be the one running off with this month’s Stack t-shirt. Congrats!

Excellent @stackmagazines delivery this month!

A photo posted by @pollydarcy on


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