Top 10 pictures of Stack at home

by Steve Watson in May 2014
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This month’s delivery was the brilliant Offscreen magazine, and as always, Stack subscribers have been tweeting and Instagramming pictures of their copies. This is the first time we’ve done a top 10 roundup of a magazine with a person’s face on the cover, and it makes for a surprisingly disconcerting experience.

I can only imagine that app maker and cover star Georg Petschnigg would find it even stranger to see so many versions of himself out there in people’s homes (but if you want even more, Georg, check out our Pinterest board with every Stack-submitted photo I could find).

Let’s get down to that top 10.

10. The works
Magazine, envelope, letter. What more could you need from your monthly Stack delivery?

09. Plastic fantastic
Check out that cellophane sheen – every copy of Offscreen comes wrapped in plastic to ensure that it arrives in perfect condition, no matter how far it’s travelled.

08. Creative combo
Offscreen is joined by the first issue of Hue, the new magazine from Creative Arts Network. Good reading.

07. Reading and making
How do you take a break from making your own independent magazine? By reading an independent magazine, of course. This picture courtesy of Simon from running magazine Like the Wind.

06. Backlog
I have no idea how Holly ended up with so many unopened Stack deliveries, but she’s got a lot of reading in front of her.

05. Hooked on print
Who needs shelves when you’ve got a coat hook?

04. Double trouble
The occasional hazard of a Stack subscription – receiving a magazine you’re already subscribed to. Watch this space for a swap shop coming soon.

03. Light reading
Oh Comely and Offscreen lay happily together, dappled by lovely ethereal light. Magic.

02. Done is beautiful
A handy mantra for all the students who received Stack while revising this month.

01. Bed head
He’s taken first place before, but Alex had to win again this month for the sheer creepy charm of Georg Petschnigg appearing to sit on his bed. Good work Alex – another Stack t-shirt is coming your way!

Like the Wind

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