Podcast: Danielle Pender and Dan Ziglam, Riposte magazine

by Steve Watson in June 2017
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If you’ve listened to our podcast before there’s a good chance you’ll have heard an independent magazine maker speaking passionately about their love for print; the way their magazine has taken over their life and become an obsession that dominates everything they do. But what’s it like to actually live with someone like that?

This week’s episode goes some way to answering that question, taking us inside the home life of Danielle Pender, editor of Riposte magazine. I was on a panel with her at the Byline festival on Sunday last week, and afterwards while I was eating lunch with her and her husband Dan Ziglam, I realised that our chat about magazines, work and family life would make for a brilliant podcast episode.

Danielle speaks about her decision to feature a topless picture of breast cancer campaigner Ericka Hart on the cover; she reflects on the changes that come with having children (fewer hangovers, less time spent on Netflix, and more efficient work); and she reveals the stress that comes with organising her brilliant Riposte events. It was great to hear Dan’s perspective on all this, partly because it offers a look behind the scenes at the home life of a magazine maker, and partly because he’s been through many of the same challenges with his own furniture business Dead Good.

This is the first time we’ve had the spouse of a magazine maker on the podcast, but if you’d like to hear lots more publishers, editors and art directors speaking about what they do, check out or Soundcloud or iTunes pages. And please do follow us while we’re there so we can deliver next week’s episode to your phone as soon as it’s ready. We release a new one every Friday afternoon, so you can end your week / start your weekend with a little relaxed magazine chat.

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