Meeting misfits in Troublemakers magazine

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by Steve Watson in June 2024
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Current affairs

Yuto Miyamoto is editor of Troublemakers, a new Tokyo-based interview magazine that fills its pages with ordinary people living variously extraordinary lives. It’s a very personal magazine – he makes it with his wife, Manami Inoue, who is the art director, and interviewees are photographed at home, with lots of space dedicated to exploring their thoughts and beliefs.

I was intrigued by this magazine when it first arrived because the name made me expect some kind of rabble-rousing publication, filled with people who were kicking back against injustice. That’s not what Troublemakers is about, and while it does feature people who are actively trying to change the world, there are also others who seem to be just getting on with their own lives. Speaking to Yuto helped me to understand their definition of ‘troublemakers’, and I really like the flexiblity they’re bringing to the meaning, giving it a positive interpretation and probably having a bit of fun by confounding some expectations.

It was lovely speaking with him so I hope you’ll enjoy our conversation, and of course there are lots more episodes of the podcast waiting to be discovered in our archive. Or if you follow us wherever you get your podcasts we’ll be able to deliver our new episodes to you as soon as they’re ready.

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