Podcast: Little White Lies in print and audio

by Steve Watson in June 2017
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I’m a big fan of Little White Lies magazine, and now they’ve added another way to enjoy their movie goodness. The Truth and Movies podcast launched a few weeks ago, presented by none other than James Richardson (Football Italia, World’s Strongest Man, Tour de France, etc) and it has become an instant favourite in my podcast player. I’m fascinated by how they’ve managed to pull it off, so I dropped in at their office this week to speak with editor David Jenkins and digital editor Adam Woodward about how it all came together.

While I was there I also picked up a copy of their 70th issue, just out and featuring Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk on the cover. It’s the first issue with new creative director Lauren Boglio in charge, and they speak about her work on the magazine, how she has moved up to the top spot, and why Dunkirk’s ensemble cast prompted them to change their standard cover approach.

It was great catching up with them again and hearing about the work they’re doing to keep on pushing Little White Lies forward in print and beyond, and I hope you enjoy the podcast. If you’d like to hear more conversations with independent magazine makers check us out on Soundcloud or iTunes, and follow us while you’re there to have next week’s episode delivered to your phone as soon as it’s ready.

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