Drinking coffee in LA

by Kitty Drake in October 2021
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Drift is a magazine that examines the coffee culture in different cities around the world. In this issue, the team travel to LA, beginning with a surprising opening letter by executive editor Bonjwing Lee, all about how much he hated living in the city: “For the two years I lived there, and for many years thereafter, I made sure to tell every sunny face I met just how much I hated it. When I was finally able to leave, I fled to the opposite coast, eager to let Los Angeles fade away in my rearview mirror.”

Lee has subsequently softened his view of the city a little, and there are straightforwardly celebratory pieces in here, like a roundup of L.A’s best ‘canine-friendly’ coffee shops. The most interesting contributions, however, capture an ambivalent view of city-life. One feature I particularly like is about classic LA ‘greasy spoon’ diners, and the struggle to try and keep the businesses alive during the pandemic. 

Drift, above all things, offers coffee-perves the chance to ogle extremely attractive brews. Below are some of the most photogenic cups.


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