Address issue 1
Delivered to Stack subscribers in  Mar 2014

by sevfurneaux in December 2013
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Taking an almost academic approach to fashion, Address completely rethinks what a fashion magazine can be. Brilliantly inventive and absolutely original, it’s one of the most exciting fashion magazines we’ve seen in years.

Johannes Reponen

Job title
Editor and Publisher

What is Address?
Address is a magazine about fashion, but not a fashion magazine. The concept behind Address is to provide our readers with varying forms of visual and written fashion commentary, hence there is a variety of content from fiction to poetry, scholarly articles, interviews and visual ruminations and contemporary photographic angles on facets of fashion.

What makes it different to the rest?
There are a lot of magazines that approach fashion from purely visual and/or commercial perspectives, but there is a lack of publications that critically address the subject of fashion. Address explores different perspectives on the cultures around fashion without the confinements of advertising. Future issues may contain the dialogues that are stimulated by the issues that have been raised. I also hope to experiment with differing formats for differing contents.

Who makes Address?
Apart from me, the Address team includes writer Pat Francis who helps text to take shape, Art Director Imogen Bellotti who makes everything look great on the page, and graphic designer Ela Kosmaczewska, who ensures that we are visible online. We also have a small advisory team and, of course, Address would be nothing without the expert knowledge and imagination of our contributors.

Who reads it?
The New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn read the first issue, which made me very happy. We have received orders from around the world and I am gradually hearing feedback from our readers.

Why do you work in magazines?
Making Address is a great way for me and like-minded people to think, talk, test and take forward ideas around the subject of fashion writing and criticism. The print format has its limitations but the tangibility and format is the most appropriate option for the content we have in Address – it wouldn’t work online.

Aside from the print magazine, what else are you involved in?
Teaching, studying, writing and consulting

What would you change about Address if you could?
Increase in time, money and resources would do wonders. After doing the first issue, we are now in a better position to start to evolve the content and we are listening intently to the feedback.

Where do you see Address in five years?
The first issue took shape as a journal, but I’d like to keep the format open for future issues and treat it differently if necessary to explore the possibilities of the relationship between the format and content.  If more people become involved in contributing, this will also extend its range of views. Keeping up with, but commenting on, developments in fashion will always be core to Address.

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