Aww 4
Delivered to Stack subscribers in  Jan 2021

by Heval Okcuoglu in February 2021
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Conceived as a playground where illustrators can indulge flights of fancy, each issue of Aww is built around a central theme or idea that gives the oddness some structure. This time, the issue is presented as a sort of time capsule, with illustrators saying farewell to the troubles of 2020 while looking ahead to what 2021 has in store. The content is imaginative and very idiosyncratic; the front and back covers, for example, show 24 illustrators, reimagined as their “soul animals”. This is an unapologetically escapist piece of print.

Ashley Chan

Job title

What is Aww?
We regard “Aww” as a universal language that reminds you of something endearing and sweet. We hope that when our readers see Aww they will make the sound “aww” as it is an animal-themed illustration magazine imbued with a dose of happiness.

What makes it different to the rest?
Aww is one-of-a-kind and more than just an illustration magazine; we are providing unique illustration therapy with interesting stories and creative ideas to bring positive vibes and energy to our readers, and we’ve also included the theme of mindfulness and creativity in our content.

Who makes Aww?
We have four staff member working on Aww: two editors who work on marketing and editorial stuff, one chief-editor and one creative director.

Who reads it?
We welcome everyone who loves animals and illustrations. Our target audience isn’t just illustrators and creatives, but anyone looking for happiness and comfort!

Why do you work in magazines?
Do you remember the first moment you received and opened a magazine? We believe that moment is something we won’t ever forget. We know the publication industry is currently in decline, and the reason why we continue to soldier on is because we believe that paper has a magic that is truly irreplaceable. It’s the texture, the scent and the knowledge that the publication has travelled miles and miles to reach you.

Aside from the print magazine, what else are you involved in?
Social media content, marketing, customer service… to name but a few.

What would you change about Aww if you could?
It would be great if we could broaden our horizons; that’s why we’re relocating to London!

Where do you see Aww in five years?
We wish to continue creating a homey hub of cheerful animal content where illustrators and creatives can connect and relax.

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