Cake Zine 3
Delivered to Stack subscribers in  Jul 2023

by Steve Watson in August 2023
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A literary magazine that loves food, Cake Zine offers a particularly American view of eating. This third issue is themed ‘Humble Pie’, exploring the lovely, crusty, comfort of a good pie, and some of the ways we can find ourselves humbled in our everyday lives.

Aliza Abarbanel

Job title
Co-founder/co-editor of Cake Zine

What is Cake Zine?
Cake Zine is an independent, literary food magazine exploring society through sweets. We publish two issues a year centered on a niche food theme. Our current issue for the summer is Humble Pie, featuring broad interpretations of humiliation and piping hot servings of contrition all related to pie, and our editorial team is currently working onTough Cookie for the fall.

Who makes it?
Cake Zine is made by co-editors Aliza Abarbanel and Tanya Bush with art director/designer Noah Emrich. Our core edit team consists of Dominique Evans, Amber Lee, Jesse Sparks, Amanda Shapiro, Nicolaia Rips, Forsyth Harmon, Angeline Rodriguez, Alexis Nowicki, Adrienne Murr, and Sanaë Lemoine. Each issue is created with a diverse array of contributors from around the world.

Who reads it?
We’re not just for “foodies.” (Please don’t call us that!) Cake Zine draws readers who view food as a dynamic part of culture—just like fashion, music, film, and art. Come for the niche theme, stay for the many subversions of subject and form, from poetry and fiction to reported essays and recipes.

Why do you work in magazines?
We view magazines as a social object. We’re drawn to collaboration with creatives across fields, from chefs and artists to writers and designers, and we wanted to make a platform for cross-disciplinary exploration. We also just love the pleasure of sitting down with a beautiful physical object and entering another world, at least for a few pages.

Aside from the print magazine, what else do you do?
Cake Zine has a robust roster of events bringing the magazine to life, both in our home base of New York City and around the world. Our most recent NYC launch party for Humble Pie featured over 800 people feasting on dessert, reading magazines, getting pie-themed tattoos, and even participating in a very humbling pie eating contest. We also run an active newsletter and Instagram account, and do regular merch drops in collaboration with the NYC-based design studio Social Species.

What would you change about Cake Zine if you could?
More resources! You can support us by following us online, subscribing to our newsletter, and most of all, buying our magazines! Our new issue Humble Pie is shipping now, and our previous issues, Wicked Cake and Sexy Cake, are also available. Keep an eye out for our next issue, Tough Cookie, releasing this December.

Where do you see Cake Zine in five years?
In a magazine store near you, and also, doing something completely new. A dessert/natural wine bar with a magazine shop attached? Hit us up if you want to make it happen…

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