It’s Freezing in LA! issue 2
Delivered to Stack subscribers in  Feb 2019

by Lucy Corkish in February 2019
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It’s Freezing in LA! is a fresh and impassioned magazine dedicated to raising awareness of climate change. (The title comes from a speech Donald Trump made in 2013 denying climate change.) Engaging with the challenge of climate change while insisting on the possibility of change, it’s a sobering but ultimately optimistic read.

Martha Dillon

Job title

What is It’s Freezing in LA?
An independent magazine about climate change.

What makes it different to the rest?
It takes a multidisciplinary approach to the subject, to show that it is interacts with all parts of life. It also uses illustration and design in a fresh way for a ‘science’ subject!

Who makes It’s Freezing in LA?
A group of writers, designers and illustrators from London.

Who reads it?
Hopefully people who know lots about climate change, as well as lots who don’t.

Why do you work in magazines?
Because it is a beautiful way to describe difficult and unusual ideas to a diverse group of people.

Aside from the print magazine, what else are you involved in?
All of our team have full time jobs outside of IFLA!. I am an engineer, our art director teaches at Kingston University, our designer works at a studio… having insight from other areas helps up make sure the magazine always has new and interesting things to say!

What would you change about It’s Freezing in LA if you could?
It would be lovely if we could know how many of our readers are from climate activist backgrounds compared to indie magazine lovers. We also always keep trying to make sure our production is sustainable, but lithographic printing not carbon neutral. Something to work on.

Where do you see It’s Freezing in LA in five years?
Hopefully a platform for climate discussions of the day!

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