New Philosopher issue 12
Delivered to Stack subscribers in  May 2016

by Stine Fantoft Berg in May 2016
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The Australian magazine that believes in finding a better, more thoughtful way to live, New Philosopher brings together big brains from around the world to discuss mankind’s most pressing problems.

Keep reading for our interview with editor Zan Boag…

Zan Boag

Job title

What is New Philosopher?
So much information we consume is little more than junk food for our mind. So much human activity does little more than trash the planet for future generations. There are countless other problems we face in contemporary society – the aim of New Philosopher is to look for solutions to what we believe are the fundamental issues faced by humankind.

What makes it different to the rest?
Substance, scope, and style. Importantly, there’s also no advertising – this magazine is aimed at you, rather than selling your mind to the highest bidder.

Who makes New Philosopher?
An assorted array of writers, philosophers, photographers, and artists from Madrid to Byron Bay.

Who reads it?
People who give some thought to present concerns and to the legacy we will leave for future generations.

Why do you work in magazines?
Ever since the rise of magazines in the 1800s, thinkers from Dickens to Orwell have written magazine articles to challenge the status quo and critically analyse the direction in which society is heading. We aim to continue that tradition by publishing essays from leading writers and philosophers, featuring prominent artists and photographers with something to say, and running interviews with the great thinkers of our time.

Aside from the print magazine, what else are you involved in?
Publishing our other title, the ad-free international women’s magazine Womankind and running Poet – a bookstore with a carefully curated selection of titles that also sells a range of New Philosopher and Womankind stationery items.

What would you change about New Philosopher if you could?
We would like to expand our reach through different avenues. This is already underway: we just launched a digital edition, we’re looking to open another Poet bookstore in Europe, and we plan to publish a series of books in 2017.

Where do you see New Philosopher in five years?
We currently have three editions in English – UK, US, and Australasia – an ad-free women’s magazine (Womankind), and a bookstore. Although our focus is on publishing quality print publications, five years from now we hope to have an increased digital offering, to extend our reach with both titles, and to open another bookstore or two.

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