NXS issue 3
Delivered to Stack subscribers in  May 2018

by Grace Wang in April 2018
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Determining identity in the context of digital technology, NXS (pronounced ‘nexus’) interlinks stories to map out an understanding of our ‘selves’. Contributors reflect and comment on a preceding feature, to create a flow of narratives that build onto and critique each other. Published in Amsterdam, this is an adventurous and experimental publication with unconventionally tall pages.

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Monika Gruzite, Juliette Lizotte, Florian Mecklenburg

Job title

What is NXS?
NXS is a collaborative artwork that explores ‘the self’ in the age of digital technology. NXS is a biannual publication in its core, and is accompanied by immersive events, performative talks, insightful dinners and speculative workshops.

NXS fosters a cross-disciplinary exchange and reflection on contemporary streams of thought, such as the connections between humans and technology, cultural developments, technology-mediated intimacy, narcissism, oneness and our inevitable interconnectivity. In the end, the core question boils down to what is ‘the self’ in the age of digital technology.

What makes it different to the rest?
The content in NXS is created by building a network of contributors and their input, be it in form of writings, poems, visual artworks or anything in between. Starting with an initial introductory piece, each subsequent contribution reacts on the one before, before spreading out into a network. Rather than merely gathering relevant contributions for the publication, we want to experiment with a responsive format, where one or more have a direct influence on the creation of another. It searches for personal viewpoints, experiences and stories on relevant topics around digital technology, as a way to make them more tangible and more accessible to an audience that reaches beyond artists, designers, and theorists.

Who makes NXS?
NXS was initiated by Goys & Birls and joined lately by Karolien Buurman. The NXS team curates, designs and coordinates everything but nothing would be possible without all the contributors that are part of the NXS world.

Who reads it?
Our readers are people that are interested in the topics by our contributors and open for everyone involved in creating NXS.

Why do you work in magazines?
A printed publication is the core outcome of the project and it gives a slower pace to reflect upon subjects connected to digital technologies. It creates an interesting tension between virtual and physical, tangible and intangible, and we want to investigate those paradoxes. We are all books and zines lovers, the idea of exploring printed matters and reflecting on how we tell and read stories today is thus exciting and challenging.

Aside from the print magazine, what else are you involved in?
We are exploring the topics of our publication in various other formats like video works, forming a community and providing a platform for like minded artists, discourse, offsprings, events, workshops, creation of a shadow art world, conversation at piece, fictional worlds.

What would you change about NXS if you could?
Find a way to make it a sustainable project. We are working on it right now, a change is happening soon!

Where do you see NXS in five years?
Organising a festival/symposium/rave.

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