Pilot 3
Delivered to Stack subscribers in  Nov 2022

by Steve Watson in December 2022
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A magazine that’s not really a magazine, Issue three of Pilot is presented as an A1 poster on one side, and as a board game on the other side, with short snatches of articles dotted around the board. The theme of the issue is ‘Play’, and this provocative execution is a brilliant example of playfulness, “as a rebellious tool to enhance your craft and life”.

Dagny Tepper

Job title
Founding editor-in-chief, creative director

What is Pilot?
We’re a platform that encourages transparency, experimentation, and inclusivity in the creative sphere. What happens when we strip away pretentious, outdated artistic frameworks, and foster an environment where people feel free to create work that feels organic and real? Ultimately, we want to push the truth that being true to yourself and your ideas, no matter where they come from, is valuable.

All of our issues entirely differ from one another. Really just because why not — we find it makes it easier to experiment when things like the formats continue to change. Issue 03 is by far the most bold and unapologetic thing we’ve put out there. The format of the issue is an entirely playable game board, in the physical form of an A1 poster, that comes with instructions and some small prints/postcards. Tying in with that, the theme of the issue is ‘Play’, and features content that encourages creative people to be playful and free within their practices. It asks the question: “How does being playful distract you?” and, “Could it be more difficult to be playful than to be serious?” We hope people just have fun with it and are maybe inspired to let loose a little.

What makes it different to the rest?
We try to steer pockets of the creative industry back down to earth. We don’t accept pieces with any preachy or pretentious undertone, and we’re constantly pushing ourselves to be as inclusive as possible. Our staff and community contribute remotely from everywhere, and there are no requirements or experience needed to contribute. And we preach experimentation over anything else — so you’ll always find fresh messages and work from us.

Who makes Pilot?
We’re all creative people ourselves who just believe in preserving a safe artistic space. We’re located all over the world, from Los Angeles, to London, to Tokyo, to Sydney — and most of us have never met in person. (We <3 the internet.) Who reads it?
It’s been rewarding observing what our audience has become ’cause it seems like there’s a little something for everyone. The articles we publish have a really unique tone, which I think draws in a lot of readers who are looking for relatable and interesting takes on everything from music, to art, film and TV, fashion, and more. But at the same time we’re super design oriented, and particular about our aesthetic, which draws some people in who just follow along for our visual stuff.

Why do you work in magazines?
I love the way every magazine can become something of its own world, and then collect so much energy and spirit. If you think about your favourite magazines, it’s usually a collective feeling or ambience you’re drawn to and associate them with. Versus maybe a more one-dimensional appreciation for a singular person or piece, the relationship a person has to a magazine always feels multifaceted.

Aside from the print magazine, what else are you involved in?
Everything from web publication, to social media activity, to visual promo, and merch.

What would you change about the magazine if you could?
I wish there were a way to sort of open up the behind-the-scenes stuff and give mass agency to tons of people all at once without jeopardising security and attention to detail. We often reflect on this concept, so stay tuned.

Where do you see Pilot in five years?
I’d love to see us just keep doing what we’re doing, and infuse our future projects with our distinct, experimental, Piloty twists.

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