Profane issue 8
Delivered to Stack subscribers in  Jun 2019

by Lucy Corkish in July 2019
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Amateur obsessions and French eccentricity combine in Profane magazine. Its pages are filled with artists and collectors, creators and appreciators, who are all inspired by something greater than the need to make a living or seek personal fame. This issue is dedicated to hobbies — in her opening piece, editor Carine Soyer harks back to 18th-century poet Alexander Pope’s idea that to truly know someone, you must discover their “ruling passion”.

Charlotte Halpern

Job title
Co-Founder & Creative Director

What is Profane?
Profane is a bi-annual journal dedicated to amateurs, in the broadest sense of the word. Art lovers, compulsive collectors, those obsessed by unusual objects, Sunday painters, feverish accumulators of so-called unimportant things…

What makes it different to the rest?
Profane tells of the passionate impulses of anonymous connoisseurs, of artists hidden away from institutions. It’s a project that finds many unexpected and unrevealed ways to deliver a special vision of art.

Who makes Profane?
Profane is made by its two founders, Bertrand Houdin and I, as well as Carine Soyer (editor-in-chief), s.y.n.d.i.c.a.t (graphic designers), Pauline Langlois (Project Manager), and many talented contributors (photographers and writers).

Who reads it?
People who want to discover stories you can’t find elsewhere, to climb up a mountain with the artist Roni Horn, to try a bear costume, to adore the sun, to learn that Mondrian has painted flowers, to dance while curing a rotting tooth… Among other things!

Why do you work in magazines?
The content is amazing to research day after day, and we get to meet lots of great people. And to create a special printed publication.

Aside from the print magazine, what else are you involved in?
We run our 18-year-old creative direction studio, anamorphée, working on many projects for luxury brands such as Hermès, Diptyque and Dior.

What would you change about Profane if you could?
We would love to extend it to a video media.

Where do you see Profane in five years?
In the hands of big company managers who would encourage their team to make, love and practice art…

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