The Skirt Chronicles issue 5
Delivered to Stack subscribers in  Oct 2019

by Lucy Corkish in October 2019
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Sometimes a magazine’s name can give readers the wrong idea of what to expect from its pages. Take The Skirt Chronicles — this latest issue begins with the observation that people often assume it’s made for women, when actually this beautifully whimsical title from Paris is intended for everyone. Yes, it’s made by a core team of three women, but it also draws upon and features a far wider group of “talented people, skirts, pants, shorts, and skorts.”

So this is a magazine for everyone, then, but what exactly is it? At first glance it’s a refined and tasteful fashion magazine, but there’s also a strong literary thread running through it, and something looser too – something pleasingly haphazard that makes it feel like a private journal, stuffed with the sort of ephemera that might be picked up while dashing between stylish boutiques, exclusive parties and book launches.

Haydée Touitou

Job title

What is The Skirt Chronicles?
The Skirt Chronicles is a Paris-based publication by Sarah de Mavaleix, Sofia Nebiolo and Haydée Touitou that was launched in March 2017 at Librairie Yvon Lambert in Paris. Granting the same importance to photography as it does to the written word, The Skirt Chronicles is a title exploring literature, fashion, culture and beyond.

What makes it different to the rest?
To quote the judges of the Stack Awards, when we were acknowledged as 2018 Editor of the Year, it is: “fresh, classy, surprising, and emotional”.

Who makes The Skirt Chronicles?
The Skirt Chronicles is made by Sarah de Mavaleix, Sofia Nebiolo and Haydée Touitou. But this collaborative platform is proud to include talented individuals however young or old their souls might be: Graphic Designers C’estainsi, Copy Editor Natalie Cenci, Jorge de Cascante, Marie Déhé, Tim Elkaim, Gillian Garcia, Marion Jolivet, Alexandre Khondji, Brigitte Lacombe, Yelena Moskovich, Christopher Niquet, Ida Skovmand, Andrea Sportono, Dan Thawley, Camille Vivier, Emily Wells, Robbie Whitehead and many others who will be featured in upcoming volumes.

Who reads it?
Our core audience are readers similar to us, young creatives living in metropolitan cities. However we are so proud to speak to a wide spectrum of ages and people living in more rural areas. Shipping our online orders ourselves allows us to realize the extent of our readership from China to Costa Rica via Norway.

Why do you work in magazines?
It’s a fun and a supportive community to be a part of!

Aside from the print magazine, what else are you involved in?
Sarah is a Paris based stylist, collaborating with different brands and artistic directors.

Sofia is the co-founder of Great Consulting Co., a Paris based agency focused on trend and cultural research, strategic marketing, event production and buying within the fashion industry. Her sensibility lies in bridging cultures with a global intent.

Haydée is a freelance writer working for other publications and companies as an editorial consultant. Haydée is currently working on three book projects including a collection of poetry, a children’s book and a book of short stories titled Narcoleptic tendencies.

What would you change about The Skirt Chronicles if you could?
We hope to include a booklet of translations very soon!

Where do you see The Skirt Chronicles in five years?
We have so many dreams for The Skirt Chronicles! But most of all, we want to keep having fun while doing it.

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