WePresent 5
Delivered to Stack subscribers in  Dec 2022

by Steve Watson in January 2023
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Released in three separate versions, designed by three different groups of graphic designers, each issue of WePresent is a crazy and wonderful experiment in the power of design in storytelling. The designers for this fifth issue were Paula Scher in New York, Hort in Berlin, and Turbo in Amman. We also included a Stack calendar in this delivery, as a free gift for our subscribers at the end of the year.

Liv Siddall

Job title
Senior Editor

What is WePresent?
WePresent is an arts platform that collaborates with global artists to create unexpected stories of creativity. WePresent Magazine is a bi-anual collection of our favourite recent stories, alongside new and exclusive special features.

What makes it different to the rest?
We hand our chosen stories to three different design studios worldwide, so we get three different versions of the same magazine!

Who makes WePresent?
WePresent is made by members of the WePresent editorial team, in collaboration with a couple of people in our in-house creative team. And of course, whichever three designers we pick to design each issue.

Who reads it?
We distribute them to all WeTransfer employees, and we sell it in Athenaeum in Amsterdam and MagCulture in London. We also put on a lot of events and hand them out at those, too. Historically, magazines are given away, sent to charity shops, thrown in the recycling, or left in cafes for someone else to pick up, can you ever really know who actually reads your printed magazine? Google hasn’t invented an analytics system for that (yet).

Why do you work in magazines?
I’ve always wanted to. I grew up poring over magazines and I love how you can tell stories in a way you just can’t online. I think one of my only skills is enthusiasm, and I think magazines are just a good funnel for that.

Aside from the print magazine, what else are you involved in?
I come up with story ideas for our site, commission writers, look after our running online series, send briefs, edit pieces – you name it. Mainly it’s upholding the quality of the stories on our site, and what we are covering and why. The magazine is probably only 25% of my job.

What would you change about WePresent if you could?
I’ve always wanted to make a magazine that has a free gift stuck to the front cover, like they used to do in the 80s/90s. I don’t know how this would work, but it’s something I would do if I could!

Where do you see WePresent in five years?
Good question. The editorial world has shifted in recent times. People consume stuff very differently now than they did even a year or two ago. We talk a lot about what we can do to make sure our stories and the artwork of people we work with is seen by as many people as possible, and I suppose maybe in five years, we could be publishing stories in ways we can’t even imagine now. That’s an exciting thought. That said, the beauty of print is that it’s been going for centuries and no one’s bored of it yet, so hopefully we’ll still be doing a magazine!

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