Wrap issue 6
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by Lucy Corkish in May 2015
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There aren’t many magazines that want to be torn apart, but that was the starting point for Wrap, a magazine that doubles up as very tasteful wrapping paper. Featuring the work of up and coming illustrators alongside in-depth interviews with them about their inspirations and ideas, it’s a lovely magazine and a brilliant piece of product design.


Chris Harrison

Job title
Co-Founder and Design director

What is Wrap?
Wrap is a magazine that celebrates illustration, design and creative culture. The idea was to make a magazine that promoted up-and-coming illustrators; to interview them and print their work on a large format and get it in front of people and in shops. There are so many talented designers and illustrators out there that, for whatever reason, don’t get the chance to show their work and that’s why we made Wrap.

What makes it different to the rest?
Wrap is different because it’s a magazine that has two uses. It can be read like a typical publication, but it also has uniquely designed oversize tear out wrapping paper sheets, so it’s a product as well as a magazine. Wrap also enables people to see and appreciate illustration in great detail.

Who makes Wrap?
Wrap is made by myself, Polly Glass (both co-founders), Sarah Housley who writes and Harry Glass – he’s the editor.

Who reads it?
Design-conscious people, people that enjoy creativity but are not actively involved, practicing illustrators and designers.

Why do you work in magazines?
For me it’s the best way to be expressive and share great people’s work. I also love the way magazine making draws me in and makes me feel. I also like the feel and smell of a well-made magazine.

Aside from the print magazine, what else are you involved in?
We’re also working on some new products for Wrap. We recently launched our first wrapping paper collection; we worked with and commissioned four of our favourite illustrators. It’s going well. Most of our time is spent on the magazine, though, finding new features and developing the content.

What would you change about Wrap if you could?
Wrap has already gone through two massive changes in its short life. I think it’s pretty much where we want it to be right now so it’s more about focusing on the pages and what we write about and who we feature.

Can you pick a favourite issue?
Issue three. For some reason there is something calming about it. Weird I know but true.

Where do you see Wrap in five years?
Hmmmmm… We want Wrap magazine to be the best it can be and hope that, in five years, it will be regarded as one of the most exciting design and illustration publications out there. And as a company we want to continue to support and promote the talented people we meet through self initiated or outside projects.

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