Veggies, veggies, veggies

by Kitty Drake in May 2021
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Lost In is a travel guide of sorts; previous issues have been themed around Los Angeles, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, and Istanbul. Lately though, the editors have become a little less travel-orientated in their focus. The last issue got lost in ‘Cooks’, while this edition is lost in ‘veggies’. Rather than asking the reader to physically travel, the magazine now presents recipes that might let you travel via your tongue, while never actually having to leave your kitchen. 

What makes this magazine unusually inviting is its layout, which is very simple. The cover remains the same across issues; all that really changes is the title, which is printed every time in a different font. That kind of small variation on a theme, satisfyingly repeated, provokes an urge that will be familiar to all magazine lovers: to collect every single issue and line them up next to one another. 

There are recipes inside, but the most interesting bit of the magazine is an excerpt from Paul Lamarre and Melissa P. Wolf’s iconic cook book ‘Food Sex Art’ (1991), which published recipes from a wide range of artists. Below are some of the most mouth-watering spreads.

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