Suspira’s guide to vampires

by Steve Watson in November 2019
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Erotic Weird Women

Before I read Suspira I’d never heard of a sanguine vampire. Real life vampires, “who drink or require blood”, they exist on a spectrum that runs from people who just love Buffy or Twilight, through to individuals who drain the life force or positive emotions of others, all the way up to those who feel they need to drink blood.

The latest issue of Suspira is dedicated to exploring the culture, history and real lives of vampires, and it’s the most accomplished instalment yet of the magazine that takes a feminist perspective on horror. Take a look at the video above for a flick through its pages and you’ll get a glimpse of the dark and sexy aesthetic that Suspira has made its own. And I hope it also gives a sense of the balance they’ve achieved between engaging with the serious side of their subject (like those sanguine vampires) whilst also staying in touch with the fun and campy side of vampire lore.

We’ve got copies of this magazine in the Stack shop now, so head over there if you want to pick one up, or if you just want to see more spreads and details of the story list.

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